Kinsley Energy Systems


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Kinsley Energy Systems is your comprehensive onsite energy solutions supplier. With a history of nearly 60 years in the industry, we specialize in delivering cogeneration, battery energy storage, standby generators, and supporting electrical and thermal auxiliary equipment. Our team comprises one of the largest power equipment technical service teams in the country, providing expert services throughout the lifecycle of microgrid projects, including initial feasibility assessment, detailed design, equipment supply, installation, and long-term operations and maintenance. We work closely with our clients to provide professionally-engineered, efficient, and dependable microgrid energy solutions that promote sustainability, reduce costs, and enhance resiliency.

Battery Energy Storage Solutions
Kinsley provides Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS) that enable large commercial and industrial facilities to reduce both utility costs and carbon footprint while adding substantial energy resiliency to their operations. Our BESS features off-balance sheet financing from RENEW, expert operations management and economic dispatching from Icetec, and long-term equipment service from Kinsley. We can design, install, operate, and finance complete BESS projects, providing guaranteed savings to the facility operator with little to no risk.

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