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For more than 35 years, Leidos has helped utilities solve complex energy challenges by leveraging our extensive power industry experience and bench of energy experts. To achieve mandated environmental goals, utilities need to develop robust energy efficiency, electrification, and clean energy initiatives that reduce carbon footprints while maintaining reliable energy delivery. Leidos provides engineering and consulting services to utilities across the country to support these programs and initiatives. Our energy services include:

  • Program design and management
  • Energy efficiency project consultations
  • Facility benchmarking and assessments
  • Strategic Energy Management
  • Electric vehicle (EV) site sizing studies
  • Fleet electrification assessments and roadmaps
  • Carbon-free facility assessments
  • Solar potential studies

Additionally, Leidos incorporates new technologies and approaches such as EV modeling tools and the integration of a wide range of energy efficiency and electrification measures within our AMPLIFY™ program management platform.

To learn more, visit energy.leidos.com.