Booth #511

MIC is exhibiting two of their products for AEE West. The first is the new Wavecrest Powerline Conditioner. The Wavecrest protects electrical equipment from volatile power conditions caused by internal and external forces. Originally designed to prevent LED lights from flickering, it installs at the circuit breaker to protect any sensitive electronics from dirty power.

The next is the PREVAC system. This chiller control is the tried-and-true industry standard for performing leak tests and improving the overall function of low-pressure chillers. PREVAC works on chillers using the new low GWP R1233zd(e) refrigerant.

MIC has experience manufacturing finished products and circuit boards in industries ranging from industrial door operation to sump pump controls to LED lighting. Many Fortune 500 companies in over 24 countries use MIC products, including AT&T, Merck, General Motors, and Grand Hyatt, just to name a few. Come by booth #511 to learn more!