Jennifer Schafer

President | Cascade Associates, Executive Director | Federal Performance Contracting Coalition | Opening Session Keynote

June, 7 - 9:00am

Presentation Title:

Federal Opportunities for the Energy Transition


Jennifer Schafer is President of Cascade Associates, a governmental affairs consulting firm located in Washington, DC that primarily represents the energy efficiency community, companies and organizations.  The firm advocates policies that advance the position of energy efficiency and clean energy technology in an environmentally-friendly manner, and works to ensure adequate research, development, and demonstration funding for such technologies.

Ms. Schafer has more than 25 years of public policy experience in energy and environmental issues.  She began her work in governmental affairs for private clients in 1992 and has worked extensively with several Congressional Committees and Offices.  Ms. Schafer began her Washington tenure at the office of Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, later serving as a consultant to the U.S. Department of Energy. 

In her capacity as President of Cascade Associates, Ms. Schafer is serving her 24th year as the Executive Director of the Federal Performance Contracting Coalition (FPCC) representing companies involved in Energy Savings Performance Contracting with the Federal government.  She also coordinates both energy efficiency businesses and advocacy organizations around Federal policy, working regularly with representatives of the Executive and Legislative branches of government to advance policy.

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