Andrew Vaillencourt

Track C: Advanced Energy Systems
Thu/AM 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Srg Energy Efficiency Services
United States
Energy Data and the Science of Smart Buildings

The era of "smart" buildings is upon us. But what exactly makes a building "smart?" High-resolution energy data and artificial intelligence are changing the way operators and owners look at their facilities. In this session we will explore real-world case studies where the introduction of circuit and device-level energy monitoring, coupled with sophisticated AI and human support, have produced insights and actions that would otherwise have been impossible.

Andrew is a second-generation energy professional who walked his first facility at the age of twelve. As part of numerous consulting firms, utilities, and ESCO’s, Andrew has provided valuable and actionable energy efficiency services for customers in virtually every type of industry. A frequent speaker at Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) events and conferences, Andrew explores the often-predatory marketplace of energy conservation in his book, Silver Bullets: (And Other Energy Efficiency Myths and Magic. (Available from all fine online booksellers) As the Director of Building Science for Sapient Industries, he served all manner of clients in need of energy high-resolution energy monitoring as well as conservation and efficiency help.

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