Bea Pickett

Track A: Energy Management Strategies
Thu/AM 09:30 AM - 10:00 AM
ENERGY STAR Regional Coordinator
U.S. EPA Region 1
United States
Overview of EPA's ENERGY STAR Resources for Energy Efficiency

This presentation will provide an overview of EPA’s ENERGY STAR program, discussing free tools and resources for energy management that are applicable to large energy users, such as commercial buildings and industrial facilities. Topics will include using Portfolio Manager to benchmark your building’s energy use, identifying opportunities to save energy through the Treasure Hunts campaign, and earning recognition through the Challenge for Industry and ENERGY STAR Certified Facility programs. In addition, I will highlight new and upcoming additions to ENERGY STAR, such as the NextGen certification program for commercial buildings. I will also discuss opportunities to connect with ENERGY STAR for networking and peer-to-peer idea sharing, such as through the Northeast Energy Management Best Practice Network. As ENERGY STAR is EPA’s oldest climate change mitigation program, this presentation will emphasize the role of energy efficiency in decarbonization efforts.

Bea Pickett took on the role of ENERGY STAR Regional coordinator for EPA’s New England office in 2022. In this capacity, Bea serves as a liaison between the national ENERGY STAR program and New England energy users. Bea also manages the Northeast Energy Management Best Practice Network, which brings together industrial and commercial energy users, utilities, and strategic energy managers to discuss current issues in the field of energy use and decarbonization. Alongside her work with ENERGY STAR, Bea assists with a variety of EPA initiatives related to air quality and environmental justice. Bea graduated from Yale University, completing the multidisciplinary program in Energy Studies in addition to majors in Environmental Studies and Political Science.

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