Dr. Bill Paolillo

Track C: Net Zero and Sustainable Construction
Thu/AM 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Vice President Strategic Alliances & Advanced Technologies
JW Didado, Quanta Services co.
United States
CSR… ESG… ETC... The New Sustainability Alphabet Soup

How to use ESG to create competitive advantage.
Our presenters will provide background and guidance on the emergence of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) for organizations and sustainability professionals. This quick review from industry “insiders” will help you to develop your own ESG path and then be able share that message with your colleagues and clients.

By listening to this Luncheon presentation, attendees will…
• Recognize why clients, colleagues and governments are requesting ESG Reporting.
• Realize how ESG differs from Sustainability and what are ways to use an Organization’s investment in sustainability to structure its ESG message.
• Understand how ESG metrics and trends can significantly impact and enhance an Organization’s growth and industry relevance.
• Be able to identify some of the more basic ESG Reporting and Compliance rules and regulations, what are their differences, and why do these varied reporting formats to ESG exist.
• Appreciate how Organizations can effectively leverage ESG data to benchmark and inform communications and to influence improved collaboration with colleagues and clients.

Bill is currently involved in driving revenue by creating strategic alliances around Smarter Buildings & Technologies, Solar, Battery Storage, EV Charging and Micro-Grids. Dr. Paolillo believes the equation that drives business success is ER>=CR. Employee Relationships are always greater than or equal to Customer Relationships. People are the difference when creating a safer job site and a better first cost for a customer’s project. People accelerate a project schedule, and provide solutions that enhance operating margins. Bill has more than 25 years of experience as a senior executive in sales, marketing, operations and general management, at organizations such as Welty Building Company, McGraw Hill Construction, Black & Decker, Procter & Gamble, ICI Paints, Bill has a passion for sustainability and serves as the Past Chair of US Green Building Counsel of Ohio. Bill has a Doctorate of Management from Case Western Reserve University. He is a published author and consultant on the following topics: ESG, future of technology in construction, Integrated Project Delivery, Lean construction, Lean EpC, Sustainability, workplace & workforce engagement, and emotional intelligence. Bill is a senior lecturer at University of Akron on Leadership & Lean Building Science, Quantum Leadership, Leveraging Technology in Construction and at Thomas More University where he teaches the capstone strategy class for their Executive MBA. Bill believes the coolest thing you can do is share something with someone, have it make a positive impact on their business and that person’s life, and they pass it on.

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