Elizabeth Hitchman

Track B: Commissioning
Wed/PM 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Senior Energy Efficiency Program Manager
Pepco Holdings
United States
Implementing a Monitoring-Based Commissioning Program

Monitoring Based Commissioning (MBCx) is the process of collecting, storing, analyzing, and reporting system data to optimize equipment performance and efficiency.
Attend this session to learn the in’s and outs of how the Pepco and Delmarva Power’s MBCx service allows customers to monitor their equipment over time and adjust its settings for the best performance. This service requires pre-approval of MBCx applications at the discretion of the respective utility. Upon pre-approval, the MBCx track can proceed. It consists of three distinct phases.
Phase I includes a scoping document and the installation of automated remote monitoring and diagnostic equipment. Phase II consists of long-term monitoring, including recommending additional operations and maintenance measures. It requires monitoring activity reporting, and documenting the operation and maintenance measures implemented.
Phase III, the last step, consists of implementing the operation and maintenance measures recommended in the Phase II Equipment Monitoring Reports. During this phase, participants can receive monetary incentives for the measures that reduce electricity usage.

Elizabeth Hitchman has over 10 years of experience working with business customers within the energy field. She obtained her BS degree in Marketing from the University of Maryland and an MBA and MS of Marketing from the same institution. She also received her Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Elizabeth is a Program Manager working on first class Energy Efficiency Projects at Pepco Holdings, responsible for helping business customers reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions to combat climate change.

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