Fredric Goldner

Track B: Energy Auditing
Thu/AM 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Energy Management & Research Associates
United States
Energy Auditing Basics

An energy audit needs to be a holistic examination of major energy end-use equipment, operations, maintenance, and management processes of the facility. It is a detailed examination of how the facility uses energy, the cost of energy, and it provides a set of recommendations to reduce the energy costs by both equipment and operational changes. This talk will walk through the 4 major steps of the energy audit process help improve an energy auditor's methods, and also educate and inform end-users of what they should expect of an audit in terms of activities and deliverables.

Fredric S. Goldner, C.E.M. is founding principal of Energy Management & Research Associates, Inc. (EMRA). He is involved in a wide variety of projects from research to facility audits & use analyses and energy master planning. Mr. Goldner has lead audits and audit teams for hundreds of facilities totaling tens of millions square feet. Over an eight year span he conducted extensive research in the area of multifamily building DHW loads and systems. As a resulted he authored a new set of DHW sizing guidelines included in the 1995 ASHRAE Handbook, and the ASPE DWH Design Manual. Mr. Goldner is also an adjunct professor at the Center for Energy Policy & Research at NYIT. Over the past thirty years Mr. Goldner has taught over 13,000 professionals and trade persons across the globe, and conducted presentations of symposium papers or seminars at over 40 major professional conferences, in addition to co-authoring a number of publications and books. He has received numerous awards for his work. Most notable of these was in 2007 when Mr. Goldner was inducted into the Energy Managers Hall of Fame, for his lifetime of achievement in promoting the practices and principles of Energy Management. Fred sits on numerous engineering and industry committees and boards, (including serving on the ASHRAE committee that authors the Energy Audit Standard). In 2006 he was asked to serve on the Certified Energy Manager Board, he is currently Board Chair. Fred also served as International President of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) for 2003.

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