Hamed Khashayar

Track A: Energy Management Strategies
Thu/AM 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Vice President, Tax
Vanbridge, an EPIC Company
United States
Where Insurance Meets Capital Markets

Developers, contractors, and investors face an uncertain climate in the renewable energy market. What happens when the investors, insurance groups and guarantors' partner on a project? If they partner together, it can create a one-stop solution for all insurance and financing needs to better serve Project Finance requirements including (i) performance guarantees, (ii) lower financing costs and (iii) tax credits/benefits plus reduced insurance premiums.  This simplifies the process for developers, owners, and all associated service providers who are involved in trying to bring together a project.

Hamed is a tax attorney who previously worked at KPMG’s M&A Tax group in NYC and the National SALT group in D.C. While at KPMG, Hamed assisted with traditional tax equity renewable projects from a tax structuring perspective.

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