Herbert Dwyer

Track A: Energy Management Strategies
Thu/PM 03:00 PM - 03:30 PM
United States
Impacts of Governmental and Regulatory Directives on Energy Auditing

America needs to decarbonize over 7,000 buildings every day for the next 27 years if we are to reach our 2050 climate goals. To reach this monumental challenge, there have been several major societal investments to ameliorate this daunting situation. The federal government's Inflation Reduction Act has rightly captured many of the headlines. However, just as noteworthy are the steps regulatory commissions and local governments have taken to make this moonshot a reality. Specifically, the SEC is likely to require all non-small reporting companies (SRCs) to provide annual greenhouse gas emissions disclosures starting in 2024; additionally, cities across the United States including NYC, Seattle, and LA are instituting local laws to fine building owners for excess emissions and/or require them to provide annual GHG disclosures.

While the aims of these programs are admirable, they will undoubtedly put incredible strain on an engineering industry already suffering from a labor shortage. Benchmarking, energy audits, and site surveys are all necessary parts of the process in all of these forthcoming industry changes. In this presentation we will explore best practices and existing and future technologies to prepare the industry for this forthcoming challenge.

Former chair of the Northeast Clean Heat and Power Initiative (NECHPI) and a three-time CEO, Herbert spent 7 years as the President/CEO of a regional energy services company. He has conducted over 300 energy audits and design-builds in energy efficiency and clean heating and cooling. He has founded or co-founded companies in the real estate, energy efficiency, and finance industries and led sales teams of up to 80 individuals. A Cornell MBA, US Marine / NSA cryptanalyst, and the keynote speaker at 2022 AEE World Technology Breakfast, Herbert also worked as the General Manager for FedEx in Central New York - the department rose to second of 1,200 regions in sales during his tenure.

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