Igor Zhadanovsky

Track C: Advanced Energy Systems
Thu/AM 09:00 AM - 09:30 AM
United States
NextGen Vacuum Heating

Steam/vacuum heating systems are employed in thousands of old tall buildings and even relatively new ones. Although considered obsolete, these systems excels any other in simplicity and resilience and can match modern efficiency standards after thorough retrofit. Efficient and simple, the NextGen vacuum heating is suggested for existing steam heating systems retrofit and for new installations that use modern technologies and materials. 2014 NGRID study demonstrated 25-50% fuel savings from steam heating retrofit, 9 years follow-up confirmed results.

PhD in Petroleum Engineering, Russia
M.D in Chemical Engineering, Tufts University
Become interested in Steam Heating after buying a steam heated house in 1998.
3 US patents, 1 Canadian patent
Presentation at IDEA conferences 2010,2015, ASHRAE 2010,2012, 2014.
Latest article https://www.intechopen.com/online-first/84666

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