Jacob Goldman

Track A: Energy Basics
Wed/PM 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Vice President and Chief Engineer
Energy Tax Savers
United States
Rewards for Eligible Company Business Activities: How Research and Development Tax Credits Propel Innovation in the Green Building Industry

This presentation is designed to explain the expanded Research and Development Tax Credit and how it is utilized to increase innovation by building designers, engineers and equipment manufacturers in the High Performance and Green Building Industry. We will discuss how the credit allows for increased experimentation with new energy technologies and green design methods, and how to identify these R&D tax credit eligible activities. We will discuss how equipment manufacturers developing new or improved green technologies or conforming to LEED standards use the tax credit to relay the risks associated with innovation. We will also explain how designers and end-users that incorporate these new technologies and methods into their processes can ease the initial cost of implementation and integration through use of the tax credit. We will provide new strategies created by the legislative update for companies at all stages of the technology chain to use this credit to make their products or processes more effective, as well as high performance building and equipment designer case studies which demonstrate these successes.

Jacob Goldman is the Vice President of Energy Tax Savers (ETSI). He has a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Buffalo, an MBA from the University of Maine at Orono, and is a LEED, AP. He is the co-author of numerous articles, published in Building Operating Management, Worship Facilities Magazine, UNIT Magazine, Green Lodging News, International Parking Institute, Corporate Business Taxation Monthly, and Thomson Reuters. He has presented to hundreds of corporations, architectural firms, engineering firms, accounting firms, local chapters of USGBC, IFMA, BOMA, and AEE as well as national conferences of NFMT, NALMCO, IGSHPA, PIMA, and at the EMC Conference as well. Jacob has also been a consistent speaker at GE's Nela Park and Cooper's "The Source" in Peachtree, GA.

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