Jennifer Ballew

Track A: Energy Management Strategies
Thu/PM 03:45 PM - 04:00 PM
Sustainability Project Planner
City of Cambridge, MA
United States
Cambridge Emissions Reductions Programs

The City of Cambridge will present on their Net Zero Action plan, along with local policy and programs which are intended to reduce emissions of the city while providing owners and residents with incentives, technical advice, and guidance in the process.

Jennifer is a Sustainability Project Planner for the Climate Team at the City of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Prior to transitioning to a policy-based position, she worked for 15+ years as a scientist-turned-sustainability professional, leveraging her experience in biotech to work in impactful, ESG-oriented roles at MIT and at My Green Lab. She founded Cambridge Sustainable Labs in 2018, a working group with 200+ members from over 50 local organizations in the Cambridge/Boston area.

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