John Hoar and Youl Bellil

Track B: Data Analytics & Energy Services
Thu/AM 09:00 AM - 09:30 AM
Project Manager, Energy Manager
B2Q Associates, Dell Technologies
United States
Strategic Energy Planning: Utilizing ISO 50001 as a Framework for Enhanced Energy Savings

Organizations looking to put themselves at the forefront of energy efficiency and sustainability can look beyond the project-based approach of energy management. By aligning ISO 50001 targets with utility incentive programs, organizations can create a strategic, long-term, and holistic energy management program catered towards their individual goals. The ISO 50001 standard establishes the framework for organizations to manage all aspects of energy, including procurement and use. The designated Energy Team can continually identify, communicate, prioritize, and re-prioritize energy efficiency projects for an evolving organization.
Too often, the topic of energy efficiency is siloed between operations, finance, engineering, facility management, and procurement; by coordinating the discussion with all stakeholders of a business, organizations can gain a better understanding of where their energy is being used and how it can be optimized. The creation of a robust data collection system to monitor facility key performance indicators, as outlined in the ISO 50001 program, allows facilities to identify opportunity areas and communicate those findings within the organization. By leveraging ISO 50001 with utility funding and support, organizations can efficiently navigate the implementation of prioritized energy efficiency projects.

John Hoar is a project manager at B2Q, working with clients and local utilities to identify, design, and implement energy efficiency and electrification projects. Mr. Hoar has played a key role in the development of energy models and KPIs to track and measure energy performance pursuant to ISO 50001.

Mr. Bellil is the Energy Manager at Dell Technologies and the EnMS Energy Manager for their ISO 50001 program in Franklin, MA. Dell Technologies' engineering and manufacturing facility in Franklin, MA achieved ISO 50001 certification in 2021.

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