Kalie Lazarou

Track A: Energy Basics
Wed/PM 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Advanced Energy Engineer
United States
Energy Leaders: The Powerhouse of Energy Management at 3M

For over 40 years, 3M’s corporate energy department has tracked energy consumption and promoted a culture of energy awareness as part of its robust energy management program. Crucial to the success of this Energy Management Program is the role of Energy Leader at our manufacturing sites. All manufacturing sites and locations larger than 30,000 sq ft have an Energy Leaders on-site, who on a daily basis, balance their 3M assignments with their passion and drive for energy efficient manufacturing. It is a role that is meant to be both challenging and rewarding; one that will offer growth opportunities within a 3M career. On a high level, the 3M energy leader:
· Coordinates the corporate energy program efficiently and effectively on site, including the ISO50001 Energy Management System where applicable
· Lead, coach, and facilitate a facility–wide, cross functional team to achieve energy reductions and cost savings
· Ensure the corporate energy policy is enforced, plans developed, and goals are achieved
· Communicate with site management on a regular basis to assure program support is maintained

Join the 3M USAC Energy Management Team to hear about the journey of developing the Site Energy Leader role, best practices, and lessons learned.

Kalie Lazarou is an Advanced Energy Engineer for the 3M United States and Canada Engineering Group. She also serves as the 3M Global Energy Communications Lead and works one on one with Energy Leaders at 3M Manufacturing locations to work towards 3M’s sustainability climate goals. During her time at 3M her contributions include work towards implementing the ISO 50001 standard at nine (9) plant locations for the 3M Energy Management System Enterprise. Kalie graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering and a Master's degree in Engineering Management.

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