Kenneth C. Flannery

Track D: Industrial Energy Efficiency Solutions
Thu/AM 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Director of Engineering
Bender Energy Group, LLC
United States
Leveraging Combined Energy Projects to Maximize ROI with Energy Efficiency Programs

Many industrial manufacturing facilities utilize energy savings initiatives in a segmented manner, installing energy savings projects based on simple ROI per individual project or initiative. Most manufacturing facilities are process/product driven, looking to improve product output, energy efficiency in rarely considered.
This case study is for an industrial plastics manufacturer that utilizes a blow-molding process to produce completed plastic bottles. Utilizing multiple “combined” energy efficiency initiatives helped fund a solution for the facility. The production output has increased, and scrap rates have reduced to minimal levels. The Chicago based manufacturer was also eligible for the ComEd rebate program. The actual incentive received from the utility company, for the verified kWh reduction, was used to help drive the ROI on this project 0.84yrs.
These energy savings were achieved by in depth balancing and commission of the chilled water and HVAC systems to accomplish and exceed the estimated energy savings.

Kenneth C Flannery, MET, CEM, CBCP
Director of Engineering, Bender Energy Group
Working in Industrial Facility/Energy Engineering since 1989
Presented at 2014 WEEC ~ Chilled Water Optimization of Hot/Cold Tanks
Spoke at 2016 WEEC ~ Compressed Air Piping Optimization for Low Pressure Drop
2017 ~ White paper for Parallel Pumping Optimization for Lowest Operating Costs

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