Kristin Sullivan

Track C: Healthy and High Performance Buildings
Wed/PM 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Senior Manager Sustainability Solutions
United States
The Health and Fitness of High Performance

This presentation will touch on the many difference faces of high performance, what it can look like, and ways in which to arrive at or achieve high performance buildings.

As an energy and sustainability manager for retail, commercial, and large municipal real estate portfolios, Kristin has managed multiple stakeholders to achieve client goals. Kristin has a solid track record of generating millions of dollars in earnings and cost savings by implementing innovative and practical energy, water, and waste reduction initiatives that reduce operations & maintenance costs across entire portfolios. She has extensive experience working across divisions and departments, melding capital & operating cost savings, proactive maintenance & repair programming, efficient new building design, and employee engagement.
Core Competencies:
Supply Side Procurement & Tariff Analytics
Demand Side Management
Demand Response
Large Portfolio Management
Scalable, Programmatic Management of replicable ECMs

Bilingual (English-Spanish)

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