Lori Dunn

Track C: Advanced Energy Systems
Thu/PM 02:00 PM - 02:30 PM
Optimus Technologies
United States
How to Immediately Decarbonize Heavy-Duty Vehicles

ADM Trucking’s 16-month biodiesel field trial covered 1.3 million miles of on-road operation with 10 Class 8 Mack trucks. It compared the operation of five trucks upgraded with Optimus Technologies' Vector System, fueled with 100% biodiesel (B100), against a control group of five unmodified trucks operating on ADM’s conventional 11% biodiesel (B11) in Illinois.
All 10 trucks operated on similar routes, like duty cycles, similar amounts of fuel, and equipped with New Technology Diesel Engines (NTDEs) which employ diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), diesel particulate filter (DPF), and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) after treatment technologies.
The Vector System trucks saw an increase of 1.3% in fuel economy, a 32% reduction in the ash accumulated in the DPF, a 22% reduction in time regenerating the DPF, and a reduction of over 50% of active DPF regenerations. Engine oil drain intervals were maintained at the same interval, consistent with ADM trucking’s standard, and no negative engine oil impacts were observed.
The five Vector System trucks consumed 77,424 gallons of B100 offsetting carbon emissions by ~943 metric tons. The study demonstrates the positive operational, performance, and sustainability benefits achieved with the Optimus’ Vector System and the use of 100% biodiesel in modern heavy-duty NTDEs.

Lori is the COO of Optimus Technologies which decarbonizes heavy-duty fleets. As a recognized leader in climate sales and growth, she has worked with established companies and franchises to manage and reduce electric costs with smart energy platforms and demand response. As a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and winner of a Factor8 award in Sales Leadership, Lori has a passion for developing and mentoring revenue talent. She holds a BA from California State University – Fullerton and dual-master's from the Heller School at Brandeis University.

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