Marylene Marcelino

Track D: Critical Clean Energy Solutions
Thu/PM 02:30 PM - 03:00 PM
Energy Efficiency Consultant
United States
Energy Equity, Resiliency, and Reliability

How can we achieve language access for customers to take advantage of energy efficiency services? Eversource, along with the other Energy Efficiency Program Administrators in Massachusetts, is committed to breaking down language barriers for customers. Eversource is engaged in developing a Language Access Plan intended to provide the policies, plan, and protocols, including other tools, services, and guidelines to serve customers in languages other than English. Eversource has already made strides to mitigate language barriers to energy efficiency participation including offering a multi-lingual phone system, having bi-lingual Home Energy Specialists staff, understanding the languages spoken by our weatherization workforce, and translating materials. Additionally, Eversource has made great strides to reach non-English speaking business owners. Eversource’s Main Streets program provides no-cost energy assessments to identify low-cost solutions for our small and micro business customers’ needs and areas for cost-savings. One of the challenges faced by Main Streets includes ensuring clear communication in multilingual communities and an example solution includes the deployment of multilingual marketing to Spanish and Portuguese speaking business owners. In this session, Eversource will share many current and future activities designed to better serve our multilingual customers with energy efficiency solutions, as well as outcomes to date from these initiatives.

Marylene Marcelino is an Energy Efficiency Consultant for Eversource with a focus on the Residential Low-Income Program. In addition to her work as Energy Efficiency Program Manager for Income Eligible Clients, she is also a Program Lead for the Renters Strategic Plan and assists with both the Community First Partners program and development of the Language Access Plan. Prior to joining Eversource in 2016, Marylene held roles at Chubb Insurance Chesapeake, VA as a Claims Representative Intake Specialist. Marylene is multilingual in Portuguese, Cape Verdean Creole, and Spanish. She has a B.S. in Legal Studies and Psychology from Bay State College and Regent University and is currently at work on her MBA, also at Regent University.

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