Michael Zhou

Track C: Advanced Energy Systems
Thu/AM 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Mechanical Administrative Engineer
United States
High Performance Building Design with Cooling Load Variation from Solar Heat Gain in HVAC Equipment Power and Energy Need and Operation Analysis

Energy performance is the one of building performance related to the multiple disciplines. It is somewhat distinguished to the LEED of Green Building Certificate Institute. The LEED uses the model design, e.g., adopting optimum pattern and parameter including the energy issue whereas the performance design of building related to the energy applies the ASHRAE code and guideline to calculate its numerical quantity of the engineering need.
The purpose of this paper is to study and apply the Solar system and to get the optimum energy kw- hr. (Btu) for the de-carbonizations, reduction of GHG (Green House Gas) and reduce the carbon footprint in construction with power KW (Btu/hr.) capacity in the HVAC equipment and facilities for the building design.

Michael B. Zhou is a Professional Engineer (P.E.), and Energy Engineer of AEE (2017). H holds master's degrees in Environment and in Mechanical Engineering. He is a qualified mechanical engineer, environmental engineer, administrative engineer, energy auditor, and building plan examiner. In the energy field, he has practiced getting the expertise in the office building HVAC preliminary system and equipment design and report with the application of ASHRAE RTS cooling load design codes and guidelines and practical reference book herewith to a complete engineering project. Meanwhile, he also touches the following energy field: decrease of the of the process motor demand by the on-site generator at the water treatment plant for energy peak shaving, detailed design verification of HVAC equipment energy efficiency and scale in LEED Gold award for the mixed used building renovation by simple RTS Excel codes, energy profile analysis with the payback and GHG assessment at water pumping station in VFD motor and cable and conduit upgrade, thermal design for large diameter cylindrical shell in ground freezing shaft sink with exploring the energy consumption standard, and energy analysis for the COVID-19 virus air transmission.

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