Paul McLaine

Track A: Water
Thu/PM 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM
President and Foundr
ElectroCell Systems Inc.
United States
Enhance Performance of Water and Energy Related to Cooling Tower, Chillers and Boilers

Continuous Micro Cleaning Enhancing Efficiencies in Condenser Water Systems
Water-cooled systems utilizing open-loop condenser water are in use in commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities. Chemical water treatments, along with continuous monitoring and control, maintain conditions in the recirculated condenser water loop to minimize unwanted conditions of mineral scaling, fouling, corrosion, and biological growth.
the U.S. Department of Energy’s Federal Energy Management Program issued a Federal Energy Alert describing the use of water treatment technologies using electric, electronic, or magnetic applications (also known as Physical Water Treatment, or PWT).
A PWT-based, particle-precipitator system exists to control and remove suspended/dissolved solids. This system is superior to traditional side-steam filtration systems and provides enhanced heat efficiency transfer throughout the entire cooling process. PWT technologies work alongside existing chemical treatment, and, in fact, reliably enhance the effectiveness of these systems. An effective side stream particle precipitator delivers the advantages associated with PWT applications. This presentation will review a decade of usage data at multiple facilities and highlight measurable, documented benefits in energy use, water use, and maintenance reductions. We will also illustrate the success of PWT through a case study involving a large university medical center, as just one of many well-established case studies.

Name: Paul Q. McLaine
Title: President
Company: ElectroCell Systems
Address: 3320 Nazareth Road
Easton, PA 18045 U.S.A.
Work Phone: 1-800-949-3445
Presentation Title:
The focal point of this presentation will be introducing ElectroCell’s next generation technology.
Over the past 20 years ElectroCell has been designing, manufacturing and servicing side-stream
particle precipitators for the expressed purpose of increasing thermo exchange efficiency in
chillers and cooling towers. This technology can also be applied to boiler systems. ElectroCell
has perfected a system that performs a continuous micro-cleaning of open and closed loops,
increasing chiller efficiency and decreasing operating cost. Systems have been installed in
pharmaceuticals, along with large commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. The overall
positive effect of our system is reduced energy, reduced make-up water, reduced carbon
footprint, reduced maintenance, and an increase in equipment life cycles and increased
chemical program efficiency. ElectroCell’s technology will remove 98-99% of all suspended
solids in an open loop down to 1 micron, and at the same time manage dissolved solids. The
end result is increased thermo transfer so that equipment can run at or below design. Our first
system was installed in 1997, and we received our first patent in 2001. A second patent was
received in 2002, and currently two additional patents are pending (30-60 days away).
Paul Q. McLaine, President/Founder, has been the owner and operator of PQ Energy Controls,
Inc. since 1976. PQ Energy Controls designs, installs and services building automation systems
in large office buildings, educational campuses and industrial facilities. In 1997 Paul founded
ELECTROchem Water Systems, the predecessor to the current ElectroCell Systems, to offer
water quality improvement systems to pharmaceutical facilities. He has dedicated most of his
time to perfecting the ElectroCell system and addressing and further improving chiller
efficiencies in open and closed loop HVAC systems. Paul holds two patents on his product, with
two additional patents currently pending. The past two years he has developed a Distributor
network and marketed the ElectroCell System nationally. ElectroCell’s goal is to establish a
presence in every major U.S. city by 2020, with the end goal of reducing the environmental
carbon footprint throughout the United States.

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