Steven Driver

Track D: Decarbonization and the Grid
Thu/PM 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Principle Engineer and Energy Manager
Driver Ph.D.
United States
A Simple Path to Decarbonization

The intent of this presentation is to familiarize the audience with ideas of how to plan for decarbonization. Reviewed during the presentation will be examples from Sanofi's energy portfolio of planed activities aiming to achieve net 0 emissions by 2030. Use of energy responsibly will also be reviewed will the recent technologies deployed yielding effective results. Additionally, a discussion around addressing energy demand proactively along with recent LNG and electric grid challenges.

Steven Driver Ph.D. has 30+ years of experience in the field of mechanical engineering and energy management. Based in Boston, Steve is an alumnus of Northcentral University where he earned his Ph.D. with a concentration in building commissioning. Steve is also a graduate of Norwich University with an MBA in business administration with a focus in engineering management. Steve has acquired several copyrights, publications, and holds a U.S. patent in Sustainable Building Commissioning. Steve is an international speaker on energy sustainability and continues to promote cost effective strategies to significantly reduce carbon emissions globally.

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