Thomas Yeh

Track C: Net Zero and Sustainable Construction
Thu/AM 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Technical Advisor
United States
Cloud-based Energy Analytics - Benefits and Cost Justification

New York States’ Real-Time Energy Management (RTEM) program incentivized over 600 cloud-based energy analytics deployments in commercial and multifamily buildings with systems from over 40 providers. This presentation delivers a cross-cutting of costs and benefits analysis of energy analytic platforms spanning various construction vintages, mechanical systems, building end-uses, occupation patterns and technology providers. The installed costs ranges from fractions of a dollar per square foot to over ten dollars per square foot. Regardless, benefits almost always justified total costs while improving the health and comfort of the building environments.

Thomas Yeh is a recognized expert in energy management, building systems, and utility incentive programs, who is currently serving as the technical advisor and consultant to NYSERDA's Real-time Energy Management Program. In addition to his experience overseeing utility programs in several jurisdictions. Thomas's career also includes leading the development and pioneering in data analytics, wireless lighting control, embedded gateway design, networking IoT devices, and data center energy efficiency. With 20 US and international patents under his name, he also has several certifications from the Association of Energy Engineers (including CEM, CMVP, CBCP, and CDSM) and accreditation from the International Geothermal Heat Pump Association. Thomas graduated with a bachelor's and master's degree in Electrical Engineering and a master's degree in Computer Science.

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