Tim Stearns

Track D: Industrial Energy Efficiency Solutions
Thu/AM 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Senior Energy Consultant
United States
Estimating the Cost of Compressed Air Systems Leaks

Leaks in a compressed air system can waste thousands of dollars of electricity per year. In fact, in many plants, the leakage can account for up to 30% of the total operational cost of the compressor. Some of the most common areas where you might find a leak would be at connection joints like valves, unions, couplings, fittings, etc. This not only wastes energy but it can also cause the compressed air system to lose pressure which reduces the end use product’s performance, like an air operated actuator being unable to close a valve, for instance.
This presentation will not only discuss the various methods that can be used to estimate the cost of air leaks but also present a real-world case study of how a manufacturing facility reduced its air leaks and realized significant energy savings as a result.

Tim Stearns is a Senior Energy Consultant for VEIC. VEIC is an energy efficiency consulting firm that administers energy efficiency programs for the State of Vermont, The City of Washington DC, American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP), and others.
Tim works with commercial and industrial customers as an Energy Auditor, Engineering Consultant, and Energy Project Manager and is AEE certified as an Energy Manager (CEM), Energy Auditor (CEA), and Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP). In addition, Tim has more than 35 years’ experience as a facilities and operations expert providing technical services to a variety of commercial buildings including shopping malls, public and private schools and colleges, and high-rise office buildings. Tim also holds professional designations as a Real Property Administrator and Facilities Management Administrator through the BOMA Institute. Tim is a graduate of Cleveland State University with a BA in History and Social Studies.

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