Timothy McKenney

Track C: Advanced Energy Systems
Thu/PM 03:00 PM - 03:30 PM
Director of Engineering
BW Design Group
United States
Reduced Energy Consumption and Decarbonization by High Performance Utility System

Timothy McKenney, PE, CEA, CIEP and Garett Jennison, PE present a case study of the process and utility system design for a large greenfield beverage facility. The project has specific, aggressive quantitative goals for CO2 emissions, NOx emissions, water consumption and financial performance.
A high-performance design, incorporating several advanced energy systems, is compared to a baseline design with natural gas steam boilers for process heating, air-cooled chillers for process cooling, and rooftop direct fired air handlers for space heating. The high-performance design reduced energy consumption and met decarbonization objectives, by recovering waste heat from air compressors for process heating and using heat pumps to recover heat from utility and process cooling for hydronic space heating. Water consumption is reduced by installing pressurized hot water boilers for process heating and moving cooling loads to central coolers with high dry bulb switchover temperatures. The resulting utility system design is now in construction.

Timothy McKenney, PE, CEA, CIEP was educated in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at M.I.T. and began his career at sea, onboard a fast frigate. He returned to M.I.T. after sea duty to complete a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering and a Naval Engineer degree. After serving as the dry-docking officer and as a ship superintendent at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, he completed his active-duty service teaching at the Naval Academy. Tim then worked his way up from maintenance supervision to engineering management in food production facilities, culminating as the Engineering Director for a leading organic yogurt maker. After completing a major expansion at the production facility, Tim joined BW Design Group to lead the engineering department. Tim has enjoyed 15 years with Design Group and is a Director of Engineering in the Concord, NH office. Tim is passionate about sustainability in manufacturing.

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