Whitney Brougher

Track B: Data Analytics & Energy Services
Thu/AM 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Lead Analyst, MA Product Growth and Development Team
National Grid
United States
A New Approach to Building Management System Savings

Eversource and National Grid will provide an overview of the Mass Save Sponsors' novel, prescriptive approach to supporting the implementation of HVAC sequences of operation (SOO) in Building Management Systems (BMS). The program redesign shifts the focus away from establishing site specific, incremental savings estimates, which had proven to be time consuming for customers, vendors, and the Sponsors, and moves towards verifying the operation of implemented sequences through documentation and trend data review. Further, the redesign has changed the program incentive structure away from a point based prescriptive incentive towards incentives which consider the number of SOO implemented (regardless of prior facility control), square footage of the controlled area, and the extent of the upgrade (adding sequence(s), first time BMS installation, or a replacement of a legacy system). The new BMS program uses a very simple calculator to estimate “typical” project savings, assuming some level of existing building control as the baseline. This presentation will examine how this tool drastically reduces the time required to develop project savings, brings additional transparency to incentive eligibility and allows program resources to focus on verifying sequence operation instead of savings estimate development.

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