Lisa Zagura

Track B: Data Analytics & Energy Services
Thu/AM 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Sr. Energy Efficiency Consultant
United States
Why Post Installation Validation Improves Decarbonization Outcomes for C&I Customers

Energy efficiency projects inspected are typically reviewed for installation verification at project closure. Verifying these projects relative to their operational parameters further from installation provides insight into both savings persistence and overall project performance. This presentation will explore how the evolution of technology and increase in automation have helped us develop new ways of validating project savings.

Post install validation has involved taking projects where a custom savings approach was used to determine savings and seeking trend data to review performance before energy savings have been claimed with the state. The data collected is a snapshot of how the parameters associated with energy savings and decarbonization are performing relative to design. Reporting results informs project teams to provide opportunities for savings recovery or adjustments.

We will review current Eversource efforts to improve project decarbonization outcomes for commercial and industrial customers as a result of the report findings. Additionally, Eversource now has a better understanding of the causes for differentials between projected versus initially claimed savings. Given the insight this process has provided to the commercial and industrial program, we are working on scaling this validation effort into other states and other aspects of our energy efficiency offers.

Lisa Zagura has her masters degree in mechanical engineering and has been involved with HVAC systems, building controls, and analytics for over 15 years. She is excited to again share findings identified through her work with Eversource, supporting energy efficiency and decarbonization in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut.

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